Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gay Marriage -- An Eight Part Series

In this series, I address and/or correct each of the following eight points often raised by gay marriage opponents:

Part 1
"Marriage" is a religious word

Part 2
Marriage is a religious institution and state should never have gotten into the business of marriage

Part 3
Legalizing gay marriage, as opposed to gay "civil unions," would violate the separation of Church and State by forcing churches to marry gay couples in violation of the tenets of their faith

Part 4
Gay marriages would set legal precedent that would open the door to incestuous marriage

Part 5
Same-gendered marriage would bestow "special" rights/privileges on gays.

Part 6
If it's "anything goes!" so long as you aren't already closely related, legal recognition of gay marriage will lead to all sorts of terrible things... bestiality marriage, polygamy, pedophilic marriage, exploitation by straights for monetary or other gains, etc.!

Part 7
Gay marriage isn't natural and shouldn't be allowed because gay couples can't produce offspring from their unions!!!

Part 8
You can't change our laws for something that affects only a small percentage of Americans.

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