Friday, January 27, 2006

Can You Dig It?

The tunnel from Mexico...

On the news reports I've seen, so far, everyone has seemed to be genuinely surprised at the discovery, not of the tunnel, itself, but of the discovery that these tunnels exist, at all. Surely, I must be misreading these reactions.

Even I could have told them tunnels between Mexico & the U.S. existed. I didn't have any knowledge of the actual tunnels and it's not like I've been going around yanking on the shirtsleeves of strangers trying to spread the word that "they're out there."

It's one of those "given" things that, if you think about it for even a split second, you just know. I assumed tunnels under the border were one of those things all of us knew had to exist. Frankly, I'd have been shocked to my socks if we'd learned that they DIDN'T exist.

Sidenote: It does confuse me that illegal immigrants are coming over and under the border in search of our jobs. Doesn't Mexico offer direct flights to Indonesia and China?

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