Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Is A Big Fucking Deal!

I could go on and on about what a perfect quote that is to sum up the sheer awesome monumental hugeness of the occasion... but instead, I made a T-shirt... you might have seen it on MSNBC or heard about it somewhere online, today. Yes, the infamous shirt commemmorating the infamous quote is one of mine.

I keep getting asked for the link to my store... Here's where you can get one:

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Open Letter to Teabaggers.

Dear Teabaggers,

I've watched countless videos of your events, including interviews with your attendees. It's easy to laugh or grow angry at barely literate signs and protesters who rail on about the evils of "socialized medicine" only to make empassioned pleas for "Medicare for all" (aka evil socialized single-payer.)

However, one common occurance at these events sticks in my craw more than any other and it should bother those of you teabaggers who are sincere in your hatred of social programs and those who abuse it on our tax dime. What is this common ground for shared outrage? Tea-party protesters at your events who are clearly able-bodied enough to make and carry signs, to yell and fist pump and applaud and stomp and physically display the same full range of emotions as anyone else at these rallies and who are obviously able-bodied enough to walk long distances from their vehicles, carrying their signs & coolers & what-not and then stand on their feet for hours at a time at these events, but who, when asked by interviewers what they do for a living, readily admit that they suck off the government SSI tit, claiming to be "too disabled to work."

I don't agree with your members about the evils of socialized medicine. I want nationalized health care (like our veterans have)and consider single payer (medicare for all) an acceptable compromise.

What I don't understand is why you don't root these frauds out at these events and turn them in. The biggest, most effective argument MY side has for expanding the very programs you would like to see diminished or eliminated is the number of Americans who rely on them to survive. Those cause-chasing frauds in your midst add to that number while making a mockery of your position on social programs. Further, the biggest, most effective argument YOUR side has for not expanding these programs is the number of lazy Americans who prefer sucking off the government tit to working... and the best way for you to prove that number is to find the frauds, boot them out of these programs and keep track of how many are caught each year and how much they've received from those programs over the period of time they were stealing from hard working American taxpayers.

Next time you attend one of these events, put your elbow grease where your mouth is... talk to some of the protesters around you. Ask them where they're from, what they think of the lovely weather you're having, what they do for a living... and if they're clearly able-bodied enough to stand by the highway for a couple of hours a day, holding up a sign that points the way to a car or furniture sales event, exchange contact information & get some video footage with your camera or your cell phone so you can turn them in for mooching off the tax dollars you worked so hard for.

...And if you, yourself, suck off the government tit you rail against... partaking of welfare, SSI, medicare, medicaid, VA-med, social security, etc. Just as I'm free to "pay extra taxes" if I want to, you're free to refuse acceptance of money and services from these programs. Prove you really can live without them and that you really are as against them as you claim to be.