Sunday, August 16, 2009

Death Panel

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My Town Hall Questions:

1. Where do I apply for a position on a Death Panel?

2. Will the Death Panels compete directly w/ Cheney's private geezer hunting preserves or will taxpayers be subsidizing those?

3. As a taxpayer, I'm concerned about paying for Obama to kill Grannies. Shouldn't grunt tasks like that fall to Biden?

4. If I take my Granny out back & shoot her, myself, can I get reimbursed for the cost to build the Grannypult I use to launch her into the air like a clay pigeon?

An open letter to Sarah Palin:

Dear Sarah Palin,

Thank you for removing death panels (aka "end of life councelling") from Medicare and pending health care reform. Thanks to you, my tax dollars will not be used to inform my Granny how she can stop me both from being appointed her legal guardian and from pulling the plug on her to protect my inheritance from the expense of life support!!