Monday, August 21, 2006

Latest Inkware

New Inkware from Melhi Ink
-- August 2006 --

Pickin' On Pluto!
Unlike the former planet, itself, Pluto swag is Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! ...And the Melhi Ink Pluto Store has the funniest Pluto shirts and bumper stickers in the solar system!

What else is new, this month?

New political Inkware in the storefront:

Sweet Donkeys!
Show your Democrat pride with our sweet little Democrat Donkey (and just the donkey!) available on a variety of kick ass gear!

Any Democrat For President '08!
The "Any Democrat" 2008 Presidential campaign bumper sticker in our "Pick Your Donkey" section was so well received that we've added a whole section of "Any Democrat" swag -- stickers, buttons, t-shirts & more!

Pick Your Donkey '08
2008 Presidential campaign bumper stickers (24 candidates to choose from, plus "Pick Your Donkey" and "Any Democrat" for yellow-dogs and undecideds.)

"Rich Man's Score -- Poor Man's War"

New non-political Inkware in our Miscellaneous Boutique section:

Fly the unfriendly skies with our "Don't Snake My..." snake!
"Don't Snake My Window Seat" (Thanks to New Line Cinema for licensing CP shopkeepers to create & sell official Snakes On A Plane merch!)

Your mom wants to buy these shirts!
"Your Mom is Emo," "Your Mom Ollies" etc... (6 to choose from)