Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More on Wisconsin

It bears noting that real American workers are being stripped of a hard earned right they can name but have zero support from those teabaggers who have screamed at rallies and protests and town hall meetings about their rights being taken away... whether those who whined that we were taking their guns despite not one gun being taken from them or those who frantically cried that they were losing their religious freedom despite not one church being closed or those who couldn't name a single right they'd lost but were dead sure they'd lost some.

Here's my response to the question "What is the Unions solution to the budget problem?" posted to a thread on MoveOn.org's FB, by an anti-American-workers teabagger:

The Union's solution to the budget problem? In Wisconsin, there was no budget problem. In fact, there was a surplus until tax cuts to corporations created this so-called budget crisis. They're asking workers there, many of whom hold jobs t...hat require a college degree, to pay for those tax cuts through decreased income, decreased benefits and by losing the right to bargain collectively, forever and henceforth - even if the state recovers and runs huge surplusses for decades on end. In other words, they're redistributing wealth directly from the working class to corporations - the workers agreed to all the concessions asked of them and Gov. Walker said "No" - only union busting will do. This isn't about the budget. Here's a thought for solving some budget problems: Address the trade defecit head-on, discourage companies from relocating to third world & communist countries by enacting tariffs on imports. Where's the Governors' lobby on this issue? The Governors have power at the federal level when they band together - but they are mum, as are the legislators on both sides of the political aisle at both the state and federal level of our gov't. Why is that?See More

My letter to Gov. Walker

I support the hard earned right of every American worker to bargain collectively and I strongly oppose your methods to redistribute the wealth of the working class to corporations and conglomerates, by paying for tax cuts to businesses by stripping working class Americans of their rights, their incomes and their benefits.

My family and I will set neither tire nor toe in Wisconsin - we will not visit your tourist attractions, eat in your restaurants, shop in your stores, fuel our vehicles at your gas stations, sleep in your hotels or in any way contribute to Wisconsin's tourism income until the rights of all Wisconsin workers are out of jeopardy. I will encourage others to work, shop and play elsewhere, as well.