Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Moment...

Please take a moment to visit this website:

...and fill out the form that will automatically send a message to the Senators in your state asking them to support the Matthew Shepherd Act which would expand hate crime laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Any act of violence perpetrated against any person, for any reason or even no reason is horrific and tragic and must not be tolerated. A targetted act of violence perpetrated against people because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. is an act of domestic terrorism.

It will take but a brief moment to fill out the form, less time than it took you to read this far into this bulletin and it's important because while more than 2/3 of Americans (68%) support the act, various anti-lgbt hate groups and Christian right extremists have been inundating Senators with calls, emails and letters that are outnumbering supporters' calls, email and letters by 5 to 1. Word from the Hill is that some Senators are bowing to that pressure! Speak up, make some noise! Let the majority voice be heard over the din of the hate-mongering few!

Thanks. :)

Here's that link again:

Monday, June 04, 2007

It's All in the Timing...

Last night's Democratic Primary Candidate debates on CNN... and the amount of time each candidate was given to speak:

Obama: 16:00
Clinton: 14.26
Edwards: 11:42
Richardson: 10:48
Kucinich: 9:02
Dodd: 8:28
Biden: 7:58
Gravel: 5:37

Only Clinton and Obama had more speaking time allotted than moderator Wolf Blitzer spoke! As for uppity Gravel and that little stunt he pulled at the first debate -- refusing to be silent and invisible, having the audacity to speak up and reflect some of the outrage of the average American Democrat -- well, they fixed his little red wagon, this time, didn't they?

Thanks for trying to choose my candidate for me, guys, but I'm a big girl. Unlike the slobbering Fox News enthralled sheeptards on the other side of the political fence, I can and do think for myself. (You remember me and my kind, don't you? We used to be your target demographic.) I'd already decided against your top two picks. Shoving them down my throat only gives them more opportunity to reinforce my decision.