Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Because They Can't Reproduce? Umm....

A handy list of opposite-gendered couples who cannot reproduce:

1.  One man and one woman - when one is or both are infertile

2.   One man and one post-menopausal woman.

3.  One man and one woman - when one is or both are using contraception

4. One man and one woman when one has or both have been sterilized.

5.  One man and one woman when one is or both are serving in the military overseas.

6.  One man and one woman who, for any reason, are not having sex with one another.

But you say we should deny gay couples the right to marry because they can't reproduce naturally with one another?   Until you rant, rave & work as hard to pass legislation that would forbid these couples from being married as you've done to prevent same-gendered couples from marrying,  you can STFU about reproduction when you argue against gay marriage.



Monday, June 03, 2013

Goodbye GOP

The Republicans in office refuse to do the people's business, while continuing to collect paychecks from the people. They'd rather arm infants than feed them. They want a gun in every hand and their hands in every womb. They've declared corporations people and they've declared the people parasites. They've smacked democracy in the face by establishing minority rule in our legislature. They've defined up as down, left as right and pizza as a vegetable. They have put Corporate greed ahead of our safety and our national security. They've eroded our children's education ensuring that the next generation cannot compete on the world stage. They have become toxic to freedom and to the American way. Enough is enough! November 14 is coming, GOP and we will be saying Goodbye to you and your extremist, anti American People agenda.

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