Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beyond Pissed

A foreign entity has seized control of a portion of at least one of our US states, assuming command of the police, sheriff and fire depts. in that area. This foreign entity is controlling which American citizens are allowed in or out of that area and has suspended our constitution in that area - most notably, our constitutional guarantee of freedom of our American press, allowing only minimal, escorted entry into the area and often, flatly denying the press any access to these (previously)public lands. This is not a satire piece. What I have just described is actually taking place on American soil, at this very moment.

Don't believe me? (or even if you do believe me) Click here to read the first hand account of an American citizen and member of the free American press, who was trying to travel to a public beach, on American soil and still open to tourists, to report on conditions, there.

As you read, bear KEENLY in mind that BP is a foreign entity, traded on a foreign stock exchange. Note that they freely admit they control the local constabulary, that the local constabulary has been instructed to route calls to BP, that the press is denied access to PUBLIC AMERICAN beaches via PUBLIC AMERICAN roads except on permission of AND escort by BP officials and that when they are informed that they do not own the land, their response is "It's BP's oil."

It is time to revoke BP's leases, not only to that one well, but to all wells on American soil or in American waters, so there is no question that while it is BP's catastrophic spill, it is NOT BP's oil and that soaking portions of our nation in that oil does not "mark their territory" allowing them to seize command of any American land or deny any American citizen the rights and freedoms guaranteed to them and to each of us by our constitution.

It is also time to consider whether BP's seizing of control and suspending of our constitution in that area changes what was either a horrible accident or the result of criminal negligence into an act of aggression or war by a foreign entity.

The spill is crippling countless American businesses - small businesses, large corporations and even entire industries, in the region - the most obvious and most talked about, both in the press and at water coolers and other gathering places across this nation, is the fishing industry.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Got Issues?

Tis the season for political rallies! But what to wear? Melhi Ink's got you covered with shirts, buttons, stickers, etc!


Is Rand High?

Rand Paul - the dream Teabagger candidate:

Anti Civil Rights Act
Anti Americans With Disabilities Act
Anti Equal Housing

Now, Rand Paul says it's unAmerican & anti-business for Obama to chastise a foreign corporation (BP) whose spill is crippling countless American businesses.