Monday, September 29, 2008

Economic Call To Action....

MUCH cheaper than $700B, actually addresses the specific issues that brought the situtation to seemingly sudden critical mass and might actually work... complete with talking points to use when you contact your Senators and Congressman in D.C.

Dave Ramsey - Economic Cleanup

Get to it America, it's still our country and that $700B is OUR money they're playing with!

I've Got Your Bailout, Right Here, Buddy!

They lobbied for an unregulated free market and they got it. Now that their market has spoken and they don't like what it has to say, they want to saddle us and countless generations of our proginy with the bill for their failure. We paid for their success, I'll be god damned if we should have to pay for their failures, too!

Let the bitches fail... at least for a little while.

Let Americans see the results of the rampant, unregulated conglomerism so many were conned into believing was best for us, so it's at least a few decades until we're so easily conned into believing anything but runny, diseased shit will ever trickle down from the wealthy to those of us who break our backs everyday making them wealthy.

Don't hide it. It needs to be seen.

95 Democrats and 133 Republicans were on OUR side, today... even if Congressional Minority Leader Boehner called the motives of some of those Republicans into question, by suggesting they were merely having a hissy fit over something Speaker Pelosi said.

Find out where YOUR Congressman stood on sticking you and your children and grandchildren with the bailout bill, today --

Congressional Roll Call - Bailout Bill

It may or may not be a partisan battle on the hill, but out here in the grass, it's a class war and the numbers are on our side.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What Are They Smokin'?

I'm not running for office and I'm not on Obama's campaign payroll. I don't have to stay on any message or play nice with more of the same old bullshit McCain or lies through her lipstick Palin.

All of these down and dirty campaign slogans are available on t-shirts, bumperstickers, buttons, hats, undies and other swag. Get 'em before ruthless ambition Palin clears Yawn McAncient out of her way, like she did Stevens, when she was considering a Senate run and her predecessors in both the Alaskan governor's office and the Mayoral seat of Wasilla. Ahhhh... I can smell whistle blowing, scandal and disgrace in the air, already... ohhh... and is that a hint of resignation or impeachment I detect in that delicious aroma?

Monday, September 08, 2008


If you're a woman who still thinks Palin is swell... you need to read this news piece from 2000, when Palin was mayor of Wassila and the town's policy was to bill rape victims for the rape exam and processing of the rape kit.

That's change we don't want brought to the "outside."

MIA Candidates

Which candidate is more likely to show up for work and which is more likely to go on brush clearing expeditions?

Missed Votes 110th (current) Congress:
110th Vote Missers

McCain - missed 408 votes -- cast 231 votes - missed 63.8%
Ranked 1st of 100, in number of missed votes in the 110th Congress

Obama - missed 291 votes -- cast 348 votes - missed 45.5%
Ranked 3rd of 100, in number of missed votes in the 110th Congress

Some will gasp that the candidate who had his party's nomination in the bag fairly early on missed so many more votes than the candidate who was still in a tight race to the bitter end. Others will point out that both men were engaged in primary races and that it would be more fair to compare their records in the 109th Congress. So, without further ado...
109th Congress
109th Vote Missers

McCain - missed 58 votes -- cast 587 votes - missed 9%
Ranked 4th of 100, in number of missed votes in the 109th Congress

Obama - missed 11 votes -- cast 634 votes - missed 1.7%
Ranked 54th of 100, in number of missed votes in the 109th Congress

More Observations of the Surreal...

The Alaskan Queen of earmarks is co-running on an anti-earmark platform?

She's STILL touting herself as anti-choice and anti-abortion after telling the press, in no uncertain terms, that keeping the baby was her underage, unwed daughter's CHOICE and drove the point home that she was pro-her-daughter-having-that-choice by adding that she's proud of her daughter's choice?

Etc., etc., etc... Ooooh, LOTS of etcetera!

...And people are actually buying her act? Seriously?!

Promoting Change Is One Thing...

As Palin has repeated, ad nauseum, there are, indeed, some in politics who use change to promote their careers and some who use their careers to promote change.

But, she's leaving out a very important group that exists both inside and outside of the political arena...

...Those who, like Barack Obama, use their lives to EFFECT change.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

In an exquisitely brilliant move by former Heart guitarist Roger Fisher, the McCain campaign is helping to fund the Obama campaign through its use of Heart's song "Barracuda" (co-written by Fisher.) McCain is using the song, legally, against the wishes of the band, under a blanket license fee. Fisher, a Barack supporter, is donating a portion of all royalties he receives from the McCain campaign's use of the song to the Obama campaign.

Daily Kos article


By now, you've no doubt heard the stumping about how Sarah Palin saved Alaskan taxpayers millions of dollars selling the Governor's luxury jet on E-bay, for a profit. Weeeelll... that's not exactly how it went down.

She did TRY to sell the jet on E-bay. But, it didn't sell there. It was sold PRIVATELY, at a LOSS of about $650,000.

Further, it wasn't used solely and frivolously to jet Alaskan Governors from the hockey game to the local pizza joint up the street. It was used to shuttle Alaska's prison inmates to and from the penitentiary, something that still has to be done and which someone's tax dollars has to pay for.

Alaskan prisoners are now transported via private airlines, at the expense of EVERY American taxpayer.

So, technically, Governor Palin did, indeed, relieve Alaskan's the burden of taking responsibility for a necessary state expense... by shifting the burden of this expense on to all of "outsiders" as Palin and other Alaskans refer to those of us Americans who aren't Alaskans.

In other news...

The Republican party has purchased and pimped out a special jet to transport Ms. Palin around the country for the duration of the campaign. The plane, an Embraer E190 to be operated by JetBlue, seats 100, has been "pimped out" with a new paint job, roomier first class and a press compartment! It's snazzy!

Which state's hard working, honest, salt of the Earth people, just like Palin grew up with, had their jobs held secure and helped stimulate the American economy through the honor of manufacturing this jet for the Republican party, the McCain campaign and Ms. Palin's travel comfort?

None of them. The jet was manufactured in Brazil.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Palin: "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities,"

Palin's actual responsibilities upon assuming the Mayoral seat over a town with a population of (then) approximately 5,000?

1. Create and fill City Administrator position
2. Hand bulk of daily responsibilities over to the new City Administrator -- so that taxpayers are paying the Mayoral stipend PLUS a City Admin's salary & burden rate to get the same work out of two people they'd previously gotten out of one.

Ahhhh... No wonder Palin leapt at the Veep offer after learning that all the Veep does is sit around waiting to either cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate or for the President to die!

Does she have the experience necessary to sit around twiddling her fingers while other people tend to the actual responsibilites of governing our great nation? As much as I hate to admit it, I have to give her credit where it's due... I can't think of anyone I've heard might have or even should have made either candidate's long list who is more experienced for that role than she.

Heckuva job, Johnnie Mac! After 8 long years of seeing important positions filled by wholly unqualified individuals, you've proven yourself a maverick willing to find just the right person for the job.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Just some random observations of surreal phenomenon...

Ok, so the message is that we should vote for McCain because he's not afraid to vote against the Republicans... which is the same as saying that we should vote for someone who will vote with Democrats. Sooo... basically, they're saying we should vote for a Democrat.

President and Mrs. Bush each saying, separately, that we should vote for McCain because he's the real candidate of change? OMFG... how bizarre was that? Do they realize that it's Dubya & Co. everyone wants a change from? Unreal to see George W. Bush basically saying "I suck and everything I touched turned to s**t. You should vote for John, because he's nothing like me." Guess who's even less like you, Georgie boy... Barack Obama.

The vetting of Palin basically consisted of a 70 question survey, having staff members Google her to see if anything bad would turn up and meeting with her just one time. Then, we're told that being mayor of a town that's even smaller than the one I live in and less than half a term as Governor of a state with a smaller population than some of the CITIES in my state and that her state happens to be closer to Russia than my state makes her more experienced and qualified to be President than... well, pretty much anyone who's ever run for President, including the two major party candidates currently vying for the job. WTF? I cannot be alone in imagining a private pre-pick convo over cigars and drinks that went something like this...

"We've got this spin thing down. Some of the stuff we managed to sell to the American people just blows me away."

"No kidding! I wonder just HOW ridiculous we could get and still successfully spin it."

"OMG... I just had the funniest idea... you know that 'long list' we've been paring down, well..."

People are scratching their heads about why we're not hearing from the RNC Convention speakers what McCain wants to do about any of the major issues of the day? Really? After almost 8 years of "fend for yourselves, peons" Republican policy people still seriously expect Republicans to have anything at all on a list of things they want to do for the American people?

Palin's apparant shock at the sexism she's facing -- especially after her "suck it up and quit whining" comments directed at Hillary? So, she's just waking up to sexism, huh? Well, welcome to the world in progress, sweety.

Oh and is she aware she's not topping the ticket or running for any office? She keeps saying things like "my opponent" and "my running mate." It's really creepy.

My schedule beckons, so there's time for just one more...

I was predicting a ratings-draw pick weeks ago and joking about possibilities for such a pick. (Credit where it's due: Palin's MUCH funnier than the names I came up with.) Even with that mission accomplished and the media paying more attention to McCain's runnning mate than to "Meh"Cain, everybody's STILL talking about Obama... the Democrats AND the Republicans... indicating that both sides know Obama still owns this race.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


McCain's choice of Gov. Palin for his running mate was, in and of itself, a surprise.

Shortly after the announcement, much of America was surprised to learn of allegations of and investigation into alleged abuse of power by Gov. Palin (aka TrooperGate.)

A few days after that, shortly after Hurricane Gustav made landfall on our Gulf Coast, Americans were again surprised with the announcement that pro-abstinence / anti-sex Palin's unmarried high school student teen daughter is five months pregnant.

Shortly after that, we were promised there'd be no more surprises...

Well... don't put your party hats and noisemakers away just yet folks, because... SURPRISE!

"WASHINGTON — GOP vice presidential pick Sarah Palin accepted at least $4,500 in campaign contributions in the same fundraising scheme at the center of a public corruption scandal that led to the indictment of Sen. Ted Stevens."

You can read the full story on a variety of liberal, neutral and conservative news sites and blogs, including FOX News

Open Letter To the Media

Dear Media,

I thought it might interest you to know that Palin's candidacy for Vice President has NOT been a lightning rod, as reported, ad nauseum, by you, all day long.

This is because she's not a candidate. There's no such thing as a candidacy for Vice President, in either major party. Palin is not vying for any office, much less that of Vice President of the United States. She is the running mate of Presidential Candidate John McCain. Her presence on HIS ticket has been a lightning rod. Whether she will assume the office of Vice President is solely contingent on whether McCain wins his campaign for the Presidency.

This is something any school child knows. So, if you could stop insulting me, your audience, by wrongly assuming I'm less educated than a six year old and also stop making your anchors look like uneducated morons, that would be really, really cool of you.


And the times keep on a changin'

It seems like only yesterday the kids of politicians were off limits.

Today, the McCain campaign is trotting out Gov. Palin's underage daughter's baby-daddy for photo ops.

What a fortunate people we are to live in a nation and a time with no more pressing issues of the day than to give everyone a good gander at the kid who's been banging Gov. Palin's daughter.

My How Times Change...

It seems like only a few short months ago that America was questioning whether an accomplished, experienced woman with a lengthy resume of qualifications could lead our nation.

Today, there's no question that an inexperienced woman with a short resume is infinitely more qualified to lead the nation than the two men vying for the job of President, put together.

It seems like only a few years ago that John McCain said of President Clinton's then teen-aged daughter Chelsea that she was "ugly" because "Janet Reno is her father."

Today... McCain has declared families, especially the children of anyone spinning a platform that co-opts "family values," off-limits.

It seems like only a few days ago that evil, sex crazed liberals were accused of teaching their children to have rampant unprotected sex through a a sex ed curriculum not strictly limited to abstinence, but inclusive of birth control & STD prevention, in our public schools.

Today... there's a newfound awareness among the righteous that teens will be teens, there's a pride in unprotected teen sex... teen pregnancy is awesome!

It seems like only a few years ago McCain was having a party complete with cake and a photo-op with Dubya while our gulf coast was destroyed and a horrified nation watched helplessly as New Orleans drowned... and it seems like such a short time ago that McCain warned and repeatedly voted against spending money on relief for hurricane victims or the rebuilding of the coast. It seems like only days ago that hurricane relief and rebuilding the gulf coast were not among McCain's agenda.

But now, he's taken off his Republican hat to don his American hat... (clarifying that the two are, indeed, mutually exclusive as has long been suspected.)