Sunday, September 07, 2008


By now, you've no doubt heard the stumping about how Sarah Palin saved Alaskan taxpayers millions of dollars selling the Governor's luxury jet on E-bay, for a profit. Weeeelll... that's not exactly how it went down.

She did TRY to sell the jet on E-bay. But, it didn't sell there. It was sold PRIVATELY, at a LOSS of about $650,000.

Further, it wasn't used solely and frivolously to jet Alaskan Governors from the hockey game to the local pizza joint up the street. It was used to shuttle Alaska's prison inmates to and from the penitentiary, something that still has to be done and which someone's tax dollars has to pay for.

Alaskan prisoners are now transported via private airlines, at the expense of EVERY American taxpayer.

So, technically, Governor Palin did, indeed, relieve Alaskan's the burden of taking responsibility for a necessary state expense... by shifting the burden of this expense on to all of "outsiders" as Palin and other Alaskans refer to those of us Americans who aren't Alaskans.

In other news...

The Republican party has purchased and pimped out a special jet to transport Ms. Palin around the country for the duration of the campaign. The plane, an Embraer E190 to be operated by JetBlue, seats 100, has been "pimped out" with a new paint job, roomier first class and a press compartment! It's snazzy!

Which state's hard working, honest, salt of the Earth people, just like Palin grew up with, had their jobs held secure and helped stimulate the American economy through the honor of manufacturing this jet for the Republican party, the McCain campaign and Ms. Palin's travel comfort?

None of them. The jet was manufactured in Brazil.

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