Thursday, September 04, 2008


Just some random observations of surreal phenomenon...

Ok, so the message is that we should vote for McCain because he's not afraid to vote against the Republicans... which is the same as saying that we should vote for someone who will vote with Democrats. Sooo... basically, they're saying we should vote for a Democrat.

President and Mrs. Bush each saying, separately, that we should vote for McCain because he's the real candidate of change? OMFG... how bizarre was that? Do they realize that it's Dubya & Co. everyone wants a change from? Unreal to see George W. Bush basically saying "I suck and everything I touched turned to s**t. You should vote for John, because he's nothing like me." Guess who's even less like you, Georgie boy... Barack Obama.

The vetting of Palin basically consisted of a 70 question survey, having staff members Google her to see if anything bad would turn up and meeting with her just one time. Then, we're told that being mayor of a town that's even smaller than the one I live in and less than half a term as Governor of a state with a smaller population than some of the CITIES in my state and that her state happens to be closer to Russia than my state makes her more experienced and qualified to be President than... well, pretty much anyone who's ever run for President, including the two major party candidates currently vying for the job. WTF? I cannot be alone in imagining a private pre-pick convo over cigars and drinks that went something like this...

"We've got this spin thing down. Some of the stuff we managed to sell to the American people just blows me away."

"No kidding! I wonder just HOW ridiculous we could get and still successfully spin it."

"OMG... I just had the funniest idea... you know that 'long list' we've been paring down, well..."

People are scratching their heads about why we're not hearing from the RNC Convention speakers what McCain wants to do about any of the major issues of the day? Really? After almost 8 years of "fend for yourselves, peons" Republican policy people still seriously expect Republicans to have anything at all on a list of things they want to do for the American people?

Palin's apparant shock at the sexism she's facing -- especially after her "suck it up and quit whining" comments directed at Hillary? So, she's just waking up to sexism, huh? Well, welcome to the world in progress, sweety.

Oh and is she aware she's not topping the ticket or running for any office? She keeps saying things like "my opponent" and "my running mate." It's really creepy.

My schedule beckons, so there's time for just one more...

I was predicting a ratings-draw pick weeks ago and joking about possibilities for such a pick. (Credit where it's due: Palin's MUCH funnier than the names I came up with.) Even with that mission accomplished and the media paying more attention to McCain's runnning mate than to "Meh"Cain, everybody's STILL talking about Obama... the Democrats AND the Republicans... indicating that both sides know Obama still owns this race.

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