Monday, September 29, 2008

I've Got Your Bailout, Right Here, Buddy!

They lobbied for an unregulated free market and they got it. Now that their market has spoken and they don't like what it has to say, they want to saddle us and countless generations of our proginy with the bill for their failure. We paid for their success, I'll be god damned if we should have to pay for their failures, too!

Let the bitches fail... at least for a little while.

Let Americans see the results of the rampant, unregulated conglomerism so many were conned into believing was best for us, so it's at least a few decades until we're so easily conned into believing anything but runny, diseased shit will ever trickle down from the wealthy to those of us who break our backs everyday making them wealthy.

Don't hide it. It needs to be seen.

95 Democrats and 133 Republicans were on OUR side, today... even if Congressional Minority Leader Boehner called the motives of some of those Republicans into question, by suggesting they were merely having a hissy fit over something Speaker Pelosi said.

Find out where YOUR Congressman stood on sticking you and your children and grandchildren with the bailout bill, today --

Congressional Roll Call - Bailout Bill

It may or may not be a partisan battle on the hill, but out here in the grass, it's a class war and the numbers are on our side.

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