Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Important: Feel Teal - Ovarian Cancer Awareness

I wanted to move this recent posting out from the comments of an older post, so it could be seen. The following is written by Debbie Stevens (Thanks for the info Debbie!)

Thought this may be of some interest to you & your readers-
The Feel Teal Club is up and running, with some great opportunities for the Artist & all members!

We continue to raise awareness for Ovarian cancer, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with the focus on the need for an early diagnostic screening test which will save more lives of the women & girls around the globe.

As a Club, we are all contributing to a common purpose, supporting the Community, while supporting each other.
Our community-based website & forum, endeavors to serve all those who join, including FREE promotion & advertising resources for its artist members.

FTC (Feel teal club) also offers everyone equal opportunity to share their "personal stories" & "experiences" with Cancer, while enjoying the benefits of a wonderful community spirit!
We invite our members to actively participate within our safe & friendly environment making the most of all available resources.

Become a fan of the Feel teal campaign, join our Club TODAY!