Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cheaper Than a Border Fence

There's more than one way to prevent Pedro from crossing the border to get our jobs!

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Belden to build $30M Mexican plant, close two U.S. plants
St. Louis Business Journal - 10:34 AM CDT Monday
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Belden CDT Inc. said Monday that it plans to invest about $30 million to build a new Mexican manufacturing plant and outsource the operations of two U.S. plants. The plan is expected to save Belden $12 million annually.

*heavy, heavy sigh*

Friday, June 02, 2006

New Ink Swag.

Sorry for my recent and continued lack of new blog entries -- busy, busy, busy... and, with the campaign, I'm bound to get a lot busier.

For those of you who enjoy taking a look the latest swag in the Melhi Ink store, I have added a couple of new slogans in the Texicalizona (border fence) section ("The Great Wall of Texicalizona -- If we build it they will stop coming" and "The Great Wall of Texicalizona -- America's BIGGEST tourist attraction." Also, by popular demand, I've added two new versions of the peace ribbon to the Peace Ribbon section -- Conservative Red and Patriotic (red, white & blue.)