Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Part 7 -- Gay Marriage Series

  • Gay marriage isn't natural and shouldn't be allowed because gay couples can't produce offspring from their unions.

Female senior citizens in opposite-gendered relationships can't produce offspring, either. But we allow them to remain married and even to enter into new opposite-gendered marriages, after they are no longer able to conceive and bear children. Lots of people, for a wide variety of reasons, are unable to produce offspring, choose not to produce offspring or choose to cease producing offspring. Currently, all of these people are allowed to remain in or enter into new opposite-gendered marriages that are recognized as legal unions, by the state.

According to this reasoning against same-gendered marriages, any existing opposite-gendered marriage should be rendered null & void and entrance into a new marriage denied if either spouse or would-be spouse is found to be unable to produce offspring or is unwilling to maintain an active sexual relationship for the purpose of producing offspring.

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