Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Part 4 -- Gay Marriage Series

  • Gay marriages would set legal precedent that would open the door to incestuous marriage

My knee-jerk reaction to this argument is always:
So what? If marrying your mom or your sis is what floats your boat, it's no skin off my nose who you marry and I'd rather you marry YOUR mom or sister than marry MY mom or sister and later put her through the horror, pain and embarrassment of discovering what you've been doing behind her back throughout your marriage.

My second knee-jerk reaction is to point out that so-called "hetero marriage" might lead to legal recognition of marriages between opposite gendered kin and should be banned before it does.

But, my knee jerk reactions to this ignorant argument aside, the fact remains that legal recognition of same-gendered marriages won't lead to legal recognition of marriage between very close family members for the same reason legal recognition of opposite-gendered marriage hasn't led to legal recognition of marriages between very close family members of opposite gender:

It isn't necessary to marry a close relative to establish a legally recognized familial tie to that person.

(More on this topic in my next installment.)

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