Sunday, December 02, 2012

Elf Spotted In Surveillance Footage!

If you've been following the ongoing story of the rogue elf on an epic bender and his nightly visits to Zazzle HQ and have been hoping for a glimpse of the drunken merry maker, we have an exciting development in the story!

In looking through surveillance footage from some of the shops he's flown his enchanted shopping cart sleigh through, we believe we have discovered footage of the elf in a rare out-of-the-cart moment.

This still was taken from surveillance footage in the Funny Bowling Shirts shop on Zazzle:
Runaway Christmas Elf

Once again, throngs of shoppers standing vigil, waiting for the inebriated toymaker's return were delighted to witness his joyous midnight ride and take advantage of the night's magic word 12DAILYDEALS5 to get astounding deals on merchandise throughout the giant Zazzle complex of stores.

This is great news for you! Until the Santa magic in the pixie dust sprinkled onto the cart by the elf wears off, you can harness its power to magically get 40% off all ornaments and mugs in my Zazzle shops! AND 15% off everything else! All you have to do is enter the code 12DAILYDEAL5 at checkout! But hurry! Santa's flying sleigh magic only lasts 24hrs and the clock is already ticking! It's set to wear off at 11:59pm PST, tonight!

You can try it out in any of my shops:

Melhi Ink - My primary shop. Liberal politics, Peace, green living, lgbt, humor/snark, anti-Valentine, pro-divorce, etc.

GearCandy - Image driven designs. Patterns, photos, drawings, etc. Looking for my popular lines of Ninja or Mayan Calendar items? This is the shop you'll find them in!

GlibWare - Word/writing driven designs. Slogans, signs, sayings -- plus a couple of old school travel games.

Heirloom Salon - Vintage treasures and antique book illustrations brought to life again for modern day enjoyment.

The Bone Garden - Skulls, skulls and more skulls.

GrimDandy - The lighter side of Halloween - cute monsters, pumpkins, bats and our trademark character, Grim Dandy, himself, in his fancy stovepipe hat. (A few items say Trick or Treat or Happy Halloween on them, but most do not and can be used/worn year round.)

Crenshaw Bros. Alternative Mortuary Solutions - our hilarious line of Mortuary advertising/marketing humor. (examples: Buy a Happy Cadaver kids meal (with free gummi worms!) in the funeral parlour concession stand, Ask about premium scented embalming fluids in lavender, vanilla or new car. Book Crenshaw the Clown to turn your loved one's funeral into a circus!)

Rapture Rejects - Fun gear for all of us sinners who keep getting left behind every time the righteous have a rapture and whose faces don't get eaten off in the zombie apocalypse and who find out that the Mayan doomsday wasn't the end of the world, after all. (There's literally something for everyone in this shop. Heh.)

And if I don't have what you're looking for, I'm sure one of the other fine designers at Zazzle does!

Happy shopping!

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