Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let Them Eat Johnny Cakes!

Remember that vile, vicious, vindictive, strictly partisan thing the Republicans moaned and bellyached about Democrats doing to a handful of Bush's Judicial nominees? That thing no God fearing, patriotic American Senator would stoop to? Yeah... that's the thing: FILIBUSTERING.

Steady dear reader, gazing upon that word can no longer corrupt you. Apparantly, filibustering is no longer an indication that Senators are in Satan's employ and Republican Senators are piling on the filibuster bandwagon faster than flies flocking to a ripe corpse!

No, no, no... they're not taking a stand against a laughably unqualfied or frighteningly extremist judicial nominee... if Bush says he's known a nominee for at least 10 years, that's still good enough for them.

They're taking a stand against the nation's hard working poor. (Who are only slightly less a plague on society than those lazy bastards who can't find a job.)

Not only are they filibustering what, if it passes, will be the first minimum wage increase in a decade, they've successfully defeated the House's clean and simple version of the bill. ...And they're making sure that if the Minimum Wage Act passes, 121 pork barrel ammendments, some of which will provide even more tax breaks for large corporations, will pass right along with it.

I'll wait while you savor the warm fuzzy it gives you to know that, as a member of the working class, you'll get to work harder than ever to keep less than ever so you can bear the lion's share of the nation's rapidly growing expenses.

Ok, now that you're all warm and squishy, inside (your mouth, where you've no doubt just vomited...)
Click Here to find out who your Senators are, if you don't know already. Then, dial (202) 224-3121 to ask for your Senator's office. Let your Senators know that they are in Washington to represent YOU and that YOU want them to vote in favor of passing the CLEAN VERSION of the minimum wage act!


Anonymous said...

Ah, what the hell good is it going to do me. I live in the ONE state that elected a Repulsive -- sorry, a Repugnant -- sorry again, Republican freshman Senator in 2006.

Melhi said...

Call the number, ask for Senator Corker's number. It's even MORE important that citizens in red or mixed Senate seat states phone their Republican Senators because it's the Republican Senators who are stalling the vote and piling on costly ammendments!