Monday, January 29, 2007

Carrot Top Has Lock on Ginger Write-in Vote.

AP Headline: No lock on black voters for Obama

Washington Post Headline: Can Hillary Count on Women?
Author Linda Hirshman discusses why New York senator cannot rely on women's votes alone in '08.

Similarly pointless headlines, soundbytes, speculation and stories abound...

ENOUGH already!!!!!! We get it! It didn't escape anyone's notice.

Barack has a permanent tan and Hillary has a vagina.
Big friggin' whoop!

This isn't news and it has nothing to do with electing or not electing either of them as our next President -- as should be pretty damned evident considering that the current adminionstration is headed up by a Dick and a Bush.

Speculation as to whether all blacks will vote for Barack or all women will vote for Hillary? Insulting. Beyond insulting.... and, frankly, moot. There is no target market for this non-information!!

Here's a newsflash, for those of you in the right wing media who don't get out and mingle with us real people much:

This is 2007. The remaining handful of slobbering neanderthal f*cktards who still give even a fraction of a whit about a candidate's gender or race wouldn't vote for either Barack or Hillary, regardless of their race or gender, because they're something far more sinister. They're Democrats.

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