Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let the Sun Shine In

The 110th Congress. You voted 'em in, now keep track of them!
For more info see:

H.R. 1 - Implementing the 9/11Commission Recommendations Act -

Aye: 231
No: 0
MIA: 2 (Moran-VA, Ortiz-TX)
Aye: 68
No: 128
MIA: 6 (Buyer, Gillmor, Knollenberg, Marchant, Moran-KS, Norwood)

H.R. 2 - Minimum Wage Act -

Aye: 233 v
No: 0
MIA: 0
Aye: 82
No: 116
MIA: 4 (Buyer, Knollenberg, Miller, Norwood)


Hurple said...

Kinda shows which party really cares about the American people, doesn't it?

DemDeWitt said...

It's our turn now. It our turn to look out for the little guy. The mega corporations and the folks who can afford to eat out (including myself) without ever missing it have had it their way since 1994. Now it's time for the folks who change the linens, open the doors, and wait the tables for us. God, I love it. Recently, a bunch of professional people argued for two hours about whether or not to give a 3 or 5 percent raise to a minimum wage employee who puts in 40+ hours a week and does the + hours for free! Last year they gave him nothing. This "raise" would have amounted to about $60 a month. This same employee has to pay for his health insurance. Unbelievably sad. How do you change an attitude like that? $60 a month means so little to those people and so much to this person and they just don't get it!