Tuesday, October 02, 2012

America Runs On Us.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who has said his job is to convince the 10% of us he sees as easily led sheep to free the 43% of us he considers worthy of freedom from the 47% of us he considers parasites.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who has vowed that on DAY ONE, he will strip 30+ million Americans, including an estimated 2.5 million women and their unborn babies, of the freedom to go to the doctor when they're sick.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who carried signs at rallies to protest that other men should fight for freedom, and who had the opportunity to volunteer to fight for freedom, himself, but instead, went to France to avoid fighting for it.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who has said he will leap at the chance to deny same-gender couples the freedom to marry.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who hired a firm known for perpetrating registration fraud that denied new Democratic registrants the freedom to vote, by pretending to register them, but shredding their voter registration forms, so that when they appear at their polling places to vote, they will discover they are not free to vote, after all and that it is too late to retrieve the freedom stripped from them so that they may make their voices heard from the ballot box.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who admired, to his wealthy benefactors, the razor wire and slave labor conditions of a Chinese factory.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who will take away women's freedom to choose & the right of couples to plan their families.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who said he wishes workers didn't have the freedom to organize.

"America runs on freedom" says the man who didn't care if his outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries and his "harvesting" of successful American companies consigned American workers to the shackles of poverty.

America runs on the blood, sweat, tears, joys, genius, creativity, compassion, ingenuity & tenacity of the American people whose ongoing efforts build, shape, expand, protect and maintain our freedom. We are free because we fight to be free and because we work to remain free. We know that extending freedom to one man does not diminish the freedom of another, but strengthens the freedom of us all. And we know that diminishing the freedom of one man, diminishes the freedom of us all. Together, we are an unstoppable machine. Our mettle never rusts and our engine never stalls. We achieve greatness because we ARE greatness.

WE built freedom and WE are the force that drives freedom. America runs on US.


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