Friday, September 28, 2012

Shorter GOP On The Economy

Shorter GOP on Bush's role in crashing the economy and Obama's progress in restoring it:

It doesn't matter who was behind the wheel when the car went over the cliff, it only matters that the guy pushing it back up the mountain can't push it back up at double the high rate of speed it careened down. He hasn't reached the mountain top, yet, so UP is clearly the wrong direction - we must turn it around and push it the other way.

Well, GOP, it DOES matter who was behind the wheel when the person asking to be our new chauffer is promising to turn that car back around and go hell bent for the ravine, again.

30+ months of job growth, net job gains, unemployment rates slowly but steadily coming down, stocks posting record highs, what would have been Great Depression II averted and the worst recession since the Great Depression ended -- all while the GOP has intentionally put up road block after road block to prevent it. We're not heading the wrong direction and it's time to get the GOP and their road blocks out of the way so the people's work can be done and we can get this economy back to the top, where it belongs.

...And, for the record, GOP: only two things rush up faster than than they trickle down: vomit and wealth.

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