Friday, September 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time, Romney Had Empathy.

Here's what Romney said to NBC's Ron Allen, yesterday, about RomneyCare and how it proves he has empathy:

“I got everybody in my state insured. One hundred percent of the kids in our state had health insurance. I don’t think there’s anything that shows more empathy and care about the people of this country than that kind of record.”

Really Mitt? You don't think there's anything at all that shows more empathy than insuring the people of Massachusetts? Have you actually given that question any thought? Why don't you don't a take a minute to consider it, now? Think. Think hard. What could be even more empathetic and caring than insuring the people of just one of our great states? Still can't come up with anything, huh? No wonder you think plane windows should open and that adding oxygen to a fire puts it out. Let me help you out, here... now, I'm just spit-balling, here, but how about insuring everyone in EVERY state and the District of Columbia, like President Obama did? How awesomely empathetic would THAT be? ObamaCare is more than 50 times more empathetic than RomneyCare! Plus, unlike RomneyCare, it doesn't use taxpayer funds to cover those abortions you used to say should be a woman's free choice, but now say you'd jump to ban at the Federal level, given the chance AND ObamaCare imposes smaller fines than RomneyCare. Wow, you must be like the biggest fan of ObamaCare, ever!

But wait... what did you actually have to say about ObamaCare? Oh yeah, "Day One, Job One, Repeal ObamaCare." You even uploaded an ad about it.

How empathetic is that? (Hint: The answer is NONE.)

And Mitt, I have to ask... how exactly do you think this proves you have empathy and care about the people? At most, it proves you USED to have empathy. Have you said anything, more recently than you've signed ANYthing into law, that might give us some insight into how much empathy you have for all those people you insured in Massachusetts and for the millions of other Americans who are struggling? There is?! Well, let's hear it!

Oh yeah... that. Ow. Now that we know what you say about us behind our backs, it's more likely the only thing RomneyCare might prove is that you used to do a better job of PRETENDING to have empathy. Those people you just bragged about insuring in Massachusetts are some of those same people you trash talked at your fancy $50,000.00/plate fundraising dinner. Did you think we wouldn't notice that? It's not your job to worry about them or our seniors, our veterans & war heroes, those Americans who are looking for jobs because of that unemployment rate you're running on & which your own party helps to sustain by blocking the jobs bill in Congress or even our disabled people and poor children?

How empathetic is that? (Hint: The answer is NONE.)

And you've told the 30+ million people you intend to kick off of health care on day one of your Presidency to "take personal responsibility and care for their lives" by going to the Emergency Room and sticking ME and MY FAMILY (who are insured and pay very expensive premiums for really high deductibles and crappy coverage) with the bill? WTF?!?! Back when you were proving your empathy by insuring the people of Massachusetts, you described that as socialism. Remember that, Mitt?

How empathetic is it to make them wait until minor illnesses become emergencies to seek care? How empathetic is it to stick ME with their bills when I'm already stuck paying for your tax breaks and the last spend & spend & spend Republican President's wars? (Hint: The answer is NONE.)

Tell you what, Mitt. You've said you care deeply about jobs and struggling Americans. You've said the Government can't create jobs, only the private sector can. You claim to know how to create jobs because you've done it. Why don't you prove THOSE claims? Put your elbow grease where your waffle-hole is. Stop seeking a job in the Government you claim can't help the situation, go back to the private sector, CREATE SOME JOBS - good jobs a hard working man or woman can support a family on, build a decent life around and retire comfortably from after 40 years - jobs for American citizens in the United States of America... and while you're at it, make a profit, a big one and use it to take some personal responsibility for and show some care for maintaining this glorious nation as the best place on this Earth to call home... invest your profits in American businesses, sock it away in American banks and pay your taxes.

If you devote the rest of your life to doing that and you can accomplish it, you'll be far more wealthy than you're on track to be, now and you won't have to brag or reboot or shake your etch a sketch to get my applause or to convince me you can do the things you say you can do. You'll have earned it.

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