Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Put it on, Nancy... put it all on!

Nancy Pelosi said today, "Democrats aren't about getting even... impeachment is off the table."

Impeachment is about determining whether laws were broken and holding someone accountable if they were. It's as much about "getting even" as putting alleged murderers, rapists and thieves on trial to determine their guilt or innocence in those crimes and to prescribe sentencing if they are found guilty or clear their names if they are found innocent.

Impeachment isn't a political bargaining chip -- it should never be "off the table" unless there's nothing to merit articles of impeachment and it should never be on the table unless the President puts it there with his conduct.

Put impeachment back on the table, Nancy. You're not the busboy, here.


DemDeWitt said...

Hey Melhi...
Welcome back!!!
Can't you hear the phone call?
"Hello, Nancy?"
"Nance, this is George."
" know, President Bush!"
"Oh. How can I help you, Mr. President."
"So formal, Nancy. Just call me George."
"Just call me Madame Speaker, Mr. President."
"Well, Speaker. I wanted to call and congratulate you on your party's winning the House and invite you over for lunch on Thursday."
"Let me check my schedule. Yes, that should work for me. But tomorrow morning, Mr. President, I think you should begin the day by firing Secretary Rumsfeld."
"What??? You've gotta be kidding."
"No, I'm not kidding. Let's see how will 'we' avoid those nasty little impeachment procedings with our own version of Kenny Starr, Mr. President? Hmmmm? What can you give me?"
"My Donald?"
"Yes, your Donald. Now, it's late night out here in California, Mr. President, which would make it very early Wednesday morning in Washington. Don't you think you should be waking up Donnie to give him the good news that he can start planning his retirement?"

Anyway, I hope Nancy leads the #1 Frat boy around the room for the next two years reminding him that she'll drag his sorry little administration in front of every Congressional investigative committee unless he plays ball with everything this Democratically controlled House and Senate needs and wants and that includes stuffing the veto and the signing statement up his tight...

Anyway...good to see you on again!

Melhi said...

ORRRR.... she could just cut right to the chase -- prosecute the Rez and the Veep (and their accomplices) for their many crimes, move into the White House, hire a qualified staff to ensure that the Oval Office will work with the Congress and for us. ;)

You know, we're about to be an overdue impeachment and a good startle away from the possibility of having our first female President. Witnessing the history my great great great great grandkids will someday study is such an amazing feeling!

Thanks for the welcome home! It's good to be back!!