Thursday, November 30, 2006


The Neo-Lexi-Con
(Neo-con to American Translations)

Alternative Energy Development
Looking for new places to drill for oil

America First
Reference to America's position on the list of nations to destroy

America Hater
Anyone who demonstrates a stubborn patriotic loyalty to the outdated America that was shaped by our ignorant liberal forefathers and impedes its destruction to make way for the new, authoritarian America being shaped by our glorious Neo-con masters

Constitutional Rights
Refers solely to the 2nd ammendment

Tactic employed only when the military of a nation hoarding our oil is well armed and capable of launching a full on counter offensive.

Exporting Democracy
Drilling for oil in the same old places, but under new (neo-con) management.

Holy Land
Where those godless bastards are hoarding our oil

Slang term referring to something that's already underway or has already transpired

Stay the course
We haven't secured the oil, yet

Support the troops (as an edict to others)
Don't question the war or it's off to Gitmo with you

Support the troops (as a pledge or boast)
Underdeploy, under equip and then blame the troops while cutting their family and veterans benefits. (Note: can also used as slang for "photo op" with persons attired in what appears to be military garb, whether actual military personnel or not.)

Terrorist or Terrorist Sympathiser
1. Those bastards hoarding our oil
2. Any American who disagrees with or questions the neo-con agenda
3. Any American belonging to an opposing political party

War on Terror
Tactic employed only when multiple UN inspections have proven that the military of a nation hoarding our oil is virutally unarmed and incapable of mounting any semblence of a defense.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Euphamism for "our oil"

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