Sunday, December 04, 2011

James McMurtry and Occupy

According to the WHIP newsletter, James McMurtry is offering his famous song "We Can't Make It Here" (one of my personal favorite protest songs on the issues of economy and the working class) for free download and encouraging fans to use the song to make videos telling their story and/or supporting the Occupy movement. The best stories and videos will be featured on

Download the song HERE

Send your videos to with the subject line: OCCUPY MOVEMENT or
post them to the James McMurtry Facebook Page:

Excerpted from James' Blog:
In October, the New York City Police Department arrested over seven hundred Occupy protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some were held for hours without charge. Earlier this year, J.P. Morgan/Chase, one of the recipients of the government bailout, derided by both Occupy and the Tea Party, donated 4.6 million dollars, partly in technology, patrol car laptops and such, to the New York City Police Department. This was the largest single donation ever received by NYPD. You can't tell me there were no strings attached.

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