Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Palin Pallin' Around With Terrorists

People in glass igloos shouldn't throw bombs doncha know... Palin's been tryin', gosh diddly darn, to link Obama to domestic terrorism, God bless her... a reformed 60s radical who sat on a charity board w/ that dad-blasted America hatin' Obama and who once held a little fundraisin' shindig, of his own darned accord, also, for one of Barack's campaigns, dog-gone him! Throngs of Palin's loyal everyday Joe Sixpack Hockey Mom supporters (a surprin'ly large contingent of cross dressin' supporters for the red ticket, also) are now wavin' sticks, also and demandin' for Obama to be killed... yes, KILLED... whilst threatenin', also, to mete out the same common sense small town justice, also, on the (every other Tuesday?) black camera operators & soundmen who are doin' their jobs with the press, also, to publicize the PALIN/mcwhatshisname campaign so the conservative base doesn't do somethin' silly-willy like forget McNutter exists and like learn anythin' about and then vote, also, for that radical rascal Bob Barr, dad-gum him, also.

But does Palin have any domestic terrorist ties of her own? You betcha! So does that snuggly wuggly first dude of hers, Todd Palin. I'd rant about their close, current terrorist ties, also, but that dag-blasted Keith Olberman, also, beat me to it, ding dang him, saved my cutesy wutesy fingertips, also, the additional dang diddly callouses, also, God bless him, also.


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