Friday, August 10, 2007

Today's Buzz Word...

Quick, if you had to guess, how many times, since the bridge collapse in MN, have you heard or read the word "infrastructure" in the news?

Now, in the three years preceding the bridge collapse, how many times did you hear it?

That's what I thought. BUT, some of us, myself included, have been screaming ourselves hoarse with that word for decades... yes, decades. Were our pleas falling on deaf ears? Hardly. We were heard, loud and clear.

What did it get us before the collapse? That look. We know that look well. It's the one that for many years was followed with accusations that we're just tax and spend liberal Democrats looking for excuses to raise taxes. ...And since Sept. 11, 2001 has been followed by accusations that those of us who'd rather invest in America than invest in Iraq are America hating, troop blaming, terrorist supporting liberal tax and spend Democrat traitors looking for excuses to slam Bush and raise taxes.

Since the collapse? It's just another buzz word in the double talk that leads to no action.

*heavy sigh*

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